the guy behind the camera

From start to finish, through repeat business.

For over 30 years, I’ve helped my clients create effective and affordable video messaging. Sometimes that involves working with them from initial scripting ideas through the recording to delivery of the final product. Other times I simply use my creative and technical skills to make their messaging come across in a handsome, professional video presentation. Whatever the size or complexity of the assignment, my clients know they can depend on me to solve any problem that may arise and get the most out of their production budget.

My approach seems to work. Many of the clients who helped me start my business all those years ago continue to use my services on a regular basis. The same goes for the independent production professionals I’ve relied on since the early days to supplement my capabilities – just as I augment theirs. In addition, I’ve been privileged to develop working relationships with creative young professionals who bring amazing skills and new ways of looking at things. It’s a truly wonderful synergy.

Finally, I’ve heard I’m a pretty easy guy to work with. I’m punctual, listen well, dress appropriately, work hard and get along with everyone from the board room to the plant floor. At least that’s what my mother always said.

Dan Lawhorn
Indianapolis Videography